Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Sasquatch's CFB "Top 30" Picks - Week 1

Here are the fearless predictions of the Sasquatch for Week 1 (highlighted in green). I'm going to need something strong to help me wash out the taste of chalk.

  • # 1 Florida State (0-0) vs Oklahoma State (0-0)
  • # 2 Alabama (0-0) vs West Virginia (0-0)
  • #3 Oregon (0-0) vs South Dakota (0-0)
  • #4 Oklahoma (0-0) vs Louisiana Tech (0-)
  • #5 Ohio State (0-0) vs Navy (0-0)
  • #6 Auburn (0-0) vs Arkansas (0-0)
  • #7 UCLA (0-0) vs Virginia (0-0)
  • #8 Michigan State (0-0) vs Jacksonville State (0-0)
  • #9 South Carolina (0-0) vs #21 Texas A&M (0-0)
  • #10 Baylor (0-0) vs SMU (0-0)
  • #11 Stanford (0-0) vs UC Davis (0-0)
  • #12 Georgia (0-0) vs #16 Clemson (0-0)
  • #13 LSU (0-0) vs #14 Wisconsin (0-0)
  • #15 USC (0-0) vs Fresno State (0-0)
  • #17 Notre Dame (0-0) vs Rice (0-0)
  • #18 Ole Miss (0-0) vs Boise State (0-0)
  • #19 Arizona State (0-0) vs Weber State (0-0)
  • #20 Kansas State (0-0) vs SF Austin (0-0)
  • #22 Nebraska (0-0) vs Florida Atlantic (0-0)
  • #23 North Carolina (0-0) vs Liberty (0-0)
  • #24 Missouri (0-0) vs South Dakota (0-0)
  • #25 Washington (0-0) vs Hawaii (0-0)
  • (#26) UCF (0-0) vs Penn State (0-0)
  • (#27) Florida (0-0) vs Idaho (0-0)
  • (#28) Texas (0-0) vs North Texas (0-0)
  • (#29) Duke (0-0) vs Elon (0-0)
  • (#30) Iowa (0-0) vs Northern Iowa (0-0)
  • BONUS: Michigan (0-0) vs Appalachian State (0-0)
Coach Heisman is unimpressed.

CFB Top 30 Picks Challenge - Week 1

Walter Camp believes in you...
The college football season is upon us! Get your picks in for Week 1. I'll be posting the Sasquatch's picks shortly and on Monday the results. Good luck!


The Sasquatch's Week 1 Picks (so much chalk...)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Poetry is a Kiss

By : Gus Victoria
The Kiss (Lovers) - Gustav Klimt 1908-1909

Poetry is a kiss,
Eloquence is a glance
Hidden behind the veil,
Betrayed by a dance.

My body is yours,
Model of imperfection,
Not by your word,
But my own fatal perception.

Let my touch
Arouse your desire,
Passion untold,
Unquenchable fire.

Tonight unforgettable
We may, in arms embraced,
Dream together,
Of another place.

Before we journey,
Let me know
You fully,
Never let go

Our story written,
Remembered hereafter.
Each kiss a poem,
Each night a chapter.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

At the Bottom of the Bottle

By: Gus Victoria

At the bottom of the bottle I chased the void,
It consumed me before the first drink,
Emptiness without reason,
A sip and another,
I slipped and didn’t even bother,
The nectar was relief,
For the mind stumbled
The heart grumbled
And friends stood in disbelief;
“Who is this Libertine?
That in knowledge walks,
And dances so debauched?”
My soul then I bared
There with the glass held,
“I am the poet,
That finds the words
To show how odd the worlds
We straddle are to our souls;
I am the artist
That paints reflections
Beyond the facade.
To the interior,
Bitter melancholy of unlived potential,
A drought we all drink
As in depression we sink.”
Freedom is found in the naked acts
That others blush at
The joy of sensual pleasure
When in respectful agreement
Is enjoyed measure for measure.
At the bottom of this bottle before the void
I find the courage to explore...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Clown Cried

By : Gus Victoria

The verse was one delivered by a master,
Improvised truth practiced to perfection
On a stage made home
That was never so,
He knew love and admiration,
He knew struggle and derision,
Dark shadows played
Wherever light was,
He was a clown
The world adored,
He lived and gave,
He struggled and he paid,
Ever the gentle soul,
We’d never know
The sadness within
That consumed,
That devoured
The noble man.
One day the sun rose
To never set,
The Clown cried,
But the laughter,
The joy, the memories,
They never died,
And we would never forget.