Thursday, July 10, 2014

Strangers Walking Away

By: Gus Victoria

Holding on to the ember,
Fire left its scar,
Soon only ash,
Consuming hope,
There was little left,
Faith withered long ago,
Only habits lingered,
Passion ran once,
A mighty river it carried them,
Empty dust about
Strands them,
Each walks in a different direction,
To seek what might revive
What could not be lost,
Each remembers a vision
That changes with time.
She was dark when he was light,
She was day when he was night,
Alternating in their own way,
One and the other,
Friends and lovers.
Strangers walking away,

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


By: Gus Victoria

Soul mates,
Once I believed.
Fate intervening
Destiny fulfilling
Soul mate
I thought I knew.
Poisoned memories
With dark tendrils
Choke like ivy
New growth.

Soul mate,
Passionate concept,
Sterile reality,
Coal without luster,
Ash in the wind.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Hundred Years

By: Gus Victoria

The voices call out to me…
Soft on the hill they call,
Where they bled once
Now grow flowers,
The homes they knew,
Some stand still,
More were rubble long ago,
Their shades are the shadows cast
From that Great War
That ended naught,
The promise of youth
By Empire scythed,
The brotherhood of mankind
By generals silenced,
There was Hope in ‘14,
Only the Reaper
Four long years later.
There was innocence in ‘14,
Only cynicism
One century later.
The world poured in idyllic times
Was tempered at the forge of hell
Before, in blood bathed, it emerged,

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kicking the Cage

By: Gus Victoria

Hostage to your ignorance,
We kick the cage
In righteous rage!
Oppressive oligarchy,
We kick the cage
In righteous rage!
Elected leaders
By your vote
Hold you back.
Elected leaders
Fuck you ten times
Before you fight back.
We kick the cage
In righteous rage!
There is blood you drew
By inaction spilt,
Innocence shattered,
Ammo gathered,
Guns gathered
By a diseased mind
A murderous trigger pulled,
We kick the cage
In righteous rage!
On the pile of bones
From children gathered
You demanded as price
To ignore responsibility
You rejoice in death,
You call it a right
You spew hate,
Fuck your ignorance,
Your Reagan too,
The second Amendment
The murder weapon
Of the nation
You fight for
As all your leaders
Fuck your corpse.
Few survivors…
Kick the cage
In righteous rage!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Dream, A Hope...

By : Gus Victoria

There was a sensual air in the library that night,
A shadow drifted into the room unbidden,
Nothing sought it, neither was it unwelcome,
Upon arrival it changed,
Coalescing forms solidified into that dream image
Made more in this delirious state,
A memory or a hope,
He did not know then which or whence,
Drunk in love he played the fool,
In wisdom he was bankrupt,
Spent long ago on the fruitless chase,
A libertine he had become,
One night between a pair of legs,
A new dawn, a new pair,
There was no moral compass
There was no destination,
A journey to nowhere,
Impossible to be lost
Though adrift without anchor,
There was a new world ever beyond the horizon,
A new love,
A new life,
Always tomorrow,
Distorted mirror of yesterday,
False advice from ancient idols
Led astray,
A mistress of desire, she sat upon his chair,

She bid him enter
The noiseless forest of his thoughts
His tomes abandoned,
His studies forgotten,
He perished in ecstasy,
A dream...a hope…
Only Death knew.