Monday, September 8, 2014

Darkness Marks

By: Gus Victoria

Darkness falls on the misty plain,
Shades of the forgotten fane
That saw blood spilt
In his blasphemous name
Glide on tortured air
To tempt the brave soul
Bent in earnest prayer,
None they seek they spare,

Cast off the armour of light,
Faded with blackest sin,
Abandon the shield of faith,
Tortured and worn thin,
The Wight approaches
And Doom encroaches,
Fiends and their minions
Enslave much stronger dominions,

You seek shelter you forsook,
Long ago the sword you took
And the flock scattered
Without your shepard’s hook.
To destroy the wolf
You lost the sheep.
And now you must pay
With more than tears you weep.

The cold skeletal hand
Does grasp, burn and brand
Steel cuts only empty space,
You must now take your place,
Moonlight bears witness
To your last moments.
Death claims his harvest,
And the darkness now recedes...

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