Monday, June 17, 2013

Unconsummated Ideal

By: Gus Victoria

Words, words, laws, words;
Brick and mortar
Of a shining new edifice,
Home of freedom,
Stained-glass windows of hope
Twist the light of a dream
Casting beautiful hues;
Liberty’s glory,
Democratic masons
Experimenting Enlightened ideals
On deep foundations
Projecting strength;
Serene, sublime, eternal...
And a cemetery behind,
Corpses to the soil
Immigrant blood irrigates
Stunted fruit,
Racial inequity,
God absent?
Man present,
Keeper of his brother’s shackle,
He steals now from others
What was given to him,
He closes the door
That was open for him,
War waged,
Burning unquenched,
Illuminating the palace
Built on freedom,
Conceived in liberty,
Made a lie in the struggle;
Unfinished, unconsummated ideal,
A mirage amid the dust
Of human frailty,
A building tall,
Precious to all,
Not undone,
Never destroyed,
Simply and tragically,
Not finished.
Revolutionary impulses,
Justice seeks its course,
Love its mate,
Peace its place,
Duty binds each generation
To place a new brick,
To bury less,
To shatter the shackles
That enslave us all
To finish together
Our home.

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