Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Great Illusion

By: Gus Victoria

That you matter is
The greatest illusion.
That your voice counts,
The mass delusion.
A ballot to court,
A mandate to ignore.
The democracy of oligarchs
Is fantasy they give,
As they fuck their whore.
Money from the poor,
Power to the rich,
They take and take,
They rape and fake
Morality on a payroll.
On our backs
The Congressman’s palanquin,
And the Senator his twin,
Pimps and prostitutes,
Jacking off the Corporate dick.
Keeping us dumb,
Sending us off to war,
Keeping us hungry,
Eyes on a distant shore,
You can distract us,
The media and its circus,
But the day will come,
An end to your fun,
We the people,
Will find our voice,
We the people,
Will break the illusion.
We the people,
Will carry you no more.

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