Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Angels, Lilith and Eve

By: Gus Victoria

It took an angel to break the heart
For years entrusted in her care,
And though in despair I walked
Stiffly with an unhealing wound
I found another angel
To take the shattered pieces,
To, from the shards of a useless heart,
Make something,
An image of what once was,
An imperfect creation
That love then shaped
To something new
Cherished and beloved,
Never did I forget Paradise,
Nor Lilith.
Yet in Eve I found a match,
That was my own
Partner in a strange world,
Not the fantasy I dreamt,
The reality sent,
That for need I was in want,
She is faithful,
Where Lilith betrayed
The trust I threw away.
One became the mother of all,
The other a demon of lust,
Fantasy of a world unborn...

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