Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Dream, A Hope...

By : Gus Victoria

There was a sensual air in the library that night,
A shadow drifted into the room unbidden,
Nothing sought it, neither was it unwelcome,
Upon arrival it changed,
Coalescing forms solidified into that dream image
Made more in this delirious state,
A memory or a hope,
He did not know then which or whence,
Drunk in love he played the fool,
In wisdom he was bankrupt,
Spent long ago on the fruitless chase,
A libertine he had become,
One night between a pair of legs,
A new dawn, a new pair,
There was no moral compass
There was no destination,
A journey to nowhere,
Impossible to be lost
Though adrift without anchor,
There was a new world ever beyond the horizon,
A new love,
A new life,
Always tomorrow,
Distorted mirror of yesterday,
False advice from ancient idols
Led astray,
A mistress of desire, she sat upon his chair,

She bid him enter
The noiseless forest of his thoughts
His tomes abandoned,
His studies forgotten,
He perished in ecstasy,
A dream...a hope…
Only Death knew.

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