Thursday, September 8, 2011

A New Beginning and My Two Cents

Welcome friends to the new home of The Daily Sasquatch

It is time for a new beginning. I find myself at a familiar place. In the earliest days of the Sasquatch, two or three blog titles ago, when all I posted was poetry I did so on Blogger. It seems since those days this site has been much improved and I am ready and excited to give it another shot. 

I spent 615 days on my own site using WordPress as my platform. In that time I realized I have no taste or desire to learn the nuances of programming no matter how easy others tell me it is. My focus is and always should remain on writing. I hope this platform will allow me to get back to that and publish more frequently.

And why two cents?

Funny story actually. I monetized my last site as I did this one and the entire revenue generated in that time was $ you do the math and divide that by 615 days. Every day I earned 2 cents; putting my 2 cents in as it were. I hope we can do better than that this time around, but that is another reason I am here. No overhead and easier to focus on writing. In the end, though I'd like to make a living as a wordsmith I don't want the worry of "will this sell" to keep me from writing what is on my mind and in my heart. 

So friends new and old welcome or welcome back! Let's take a journey through the worlds of art, fantasy, politics, philosophy, religion, love, and whatever other worlds we may discover.

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