Friday, September 9, 2011

The Sigh Discontent

By: Gus Victoria

Hero and Leander - Peter Paul Rubens
A single half-sighed cry
In the ocean of deepest thought
Is heard on the shore of reason.
Heaven hears
What Hell fears
And Hell lets go
What Heaven will never know,
Rejection then sets my course
Toward that distant cry
Heard far away…
Oh that dreadful  sound!
Heard far away
On that dreadful night…
Multiplied now the cry is two,
The soul split
On the given Cross disjoined,
Element and tradition,
One force now two.
Run, swim, think, be
Action to inaction leads
Hope and despair together dance and duel
Who wins?
You always choose…
Oh that cry!
Oh that cry?
Where has it gone?

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