Monday, October 3, 2011

Mistaken Bliss

By: Gus Victoria

Etched on the eternal wings of the ever present night
Is her name; She that in her faithlessness slew the sun
That twice-shattered heart once aflame
Frozen now beneath the darkest game
A love undone by a deed unseen,
She knew not the life she left
The future she sacrificed,
He knew not what he lost
When that day she left,
Slowly each withered
Far from the other,
His light now gone
Hers was replaced
By a dim lamp,
Not the star once hers,
She regretted the choice taken,
Every day of the rest of her life she knew
Never would she find one such as he
Lovers linked in lonely solitude
Never to be reunited
Never to know again
The joy
That once was theirs
That palette of their world,
Gone now,
Gone forever,
With a kiss
And in a moment;
Mistaken bliss. 

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