Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Never to Part

By: Gus Victoria

Beyond a bedazzled shore
A ghostly vessel
Adrift a silvery sea
Owned the tranquil night.

A single broken mast
Once proud with sail
Now sadly bereft
Mourned under the moonlight.

A lone figure stood
Upon that empty deck
A frantic eye searching
A treasure not yet found.

He was by her shade haunted
By her fate tormented,
Love heroically sustained
What guilt thought drowned.

He called out her name,
He cursed his god,
He burned with rage
As he shook with shame.

Silently we witnessed
This spectral spectacle
Of a repentant captain
And his forever doomed lover.

No one alive knows
Why the phantom players
Ever were parted.
No one can say
If ever they will
Find themselves reunited.

A lesson learned
Through ancient relic,
Upon the tablet scribed these words:
“Stone this love can make bloom,
And to ever part,
Is to part too soon.”

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