Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fruit, Love, Paradox

By: Gus Victoria

It is a fruit that does not spoil,
Though it can intoxicate,
It nourishes.
Destroy it and it grows anew
From the shattered remains
Of a frozen heart,
Timid and scared,
Fearful of the hurt once felt,
‘Go and seek’ is a futile command,
For it is as elusive as it is everpresent,
We see it when we cease to look,
And upon opening our eyes
To this tender flame
They can never close,
And the fire cannot be quenched.
Love in unconquerable
With Faith as its armor
And Hope as its steed,
Death has no domain
Where the words of love are spoken,
Hate can take no root
Where love is unbroken,
What do you wait for today?
Yesterday is gone,
Spent as it was,
Remembered as it is,
Tomorrow is yours,
Squander not a chance.
Spare not a moment.
Live and love
That you may never die,
Live and love,
That your spirit may soar,
Live and love,
You I adore.

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