Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Favorite Vampire Stories (And Some Things That Still Scare Me)

A few days ago I asked a couple of questions from you my friends. You gave me some pretty interesting answers as I expected. Well to be fair these are my answers to the same questions.

 What is your favorite vampire story? 

I doubt many Twilight fans read this little blog, but for any that might stray and find themselves here. Sorry Twilight does not count.

 Twilight notwithstanding the vampire story could be from any source and presented in any media form. Sex, danger, and historical reminiscence seemed to be the overriding factors in determining what really was popular. Dracula and Interview With the Vampire were two popular choices; arguably the original modern vampire classic and a new interpretation on the ancient myth that has also since become a classic in its own right. If you know me, you won’t be surprised to know that from a literary standpoint those two are tops for me as well with the added inclusion of Polidori’s The Vampyre.

As films go Nosferatu (1922) is by far my favorite. Also making the list is Shadow of the Vampire (2000); a movie about the filming of the original Nosferatu and where the actor who played the Count in that film, Max Schreck, is imagined to be have been a real vampire that feeds on the cast and crew.

Beyond that I also have to mention I enjoy very much the stories of “real-life” vampires. The story of Arnold Paole who lived in the early 1700’s and was accused of having risen from his grave to hunt and kill his friends and family is one of my favorites because it happened. So real was the fear back then that government officials were sent to these remote parts of the empire in order to investigate such claims.

This creature from Costa Rica STILL haunts my dreams.
 What supernatural creature or phenomenon scares you most?

 This one was fun. All sorts of answers were given! Some were serious, others not so much. Three things scare me more than others.

 The first are things that have been or might have been. Ghosts are one thing, but angry vengeful ghosts capable of acting in our material world terrify me, especially those angry spirits of serial killers. Can they be reasoned with? How? Will I be brave enough to confront it?

 The second takes the first and removes those questions. Demons cannot be reasoned with. I am not talking about the demon your favorite televangelist says is living with you every day and is the cause of every sinful act you make. I am talking about the soldiers, lieutenants, and general of the legions of hell. These are very rare, but very powerful and any indication of such manifestation is enough for me to put on a crucifix and pray until I pass out.

The third is a story from Costa Rica that has plagued me since I was 10 or 11 when I first heard it. She is called La Segua. She appears to men on lonely deserted roads late at night and manifests as a porcelain-skinned woman, incredibly beautiful. Indicating she is alone and in need of a lift she convinces the man to give her a ride. If he does they ride on together in silence. During this time when he looks back towards her he will notice she is gone and in her place is a demon with the skeletal head of a horse with burning red eyes and razor sharp claws and teeth which the demon then uses to bite and claw the man to shreds.

 If you have any more thoughts, tell me, what scares YOU!

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