Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gangnam Styles - The Sasquatch's Favorites

Unless you are living under a rock deep in a cave located far into a secluded forest chances are you have heard of the worldwide phenomenon that is Gangnam Style. The original video has collected hundreds of millions of views. Something does not become that popular and viral without spawning a host of parodies. That brings us to this post. I wanted to put in one place my favorite Gangnam Style parodies and share them with you here instead of spamming your Facebook or Twitter feeds. Lets start with my absolute favorite (then in no particular order).

Lo Pan Style

Big Trouble in Little China, Lo Pan, Jack Burton, Green-Eyed Women, Thunder, Lightning. This. Is. Amazing!

Mitt Romney/ Obama Style

The election just ended, but these two still make me laugh.

Pony Style

By no means can I be considered a Bronie. I actually hate those disgustingly cute little ponies. However seeing as how the original featured the "horse dance" this short little gem adds some poetic symmetry.

Jewish Style

"Hey sexy Rabbi!"

Todrick Hall's Ghetto Gangnam Style

A worthy successor to other Todrick hits such as Beauty and the Beat and Cinderfella

Deadpool Gangnam Style

The best part of this video is how many people Deadpool makes visibly uncomfortable.

Nerdy Style

So much rejection and too many personal flashbacks. Excellent.

Klingon Style

Completely in Klingon! majOa'

Baby Gangnam

The babies are cute, but lets be honest I'll say what you are all thinking. MILF!

M.I.T. Gangnam Chomsky Style

Leave it to the kids at MIT to make a hell of a video, but the best part is a cameo by Noam Chomsky!!!!

The Original

And don't forget, the video that started it all. What are your favorite parodies?

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