Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Viva Mexico, Nuestra Madre

By: Gus Victoria

We dance today
For you,
We celebrate today
For you,
We are together today,
For you,
Five centuries you’ve been mother,
To lost children,
Five centuries you’ve been slave,
To lustful masters,
Five centuries you’ve cried tears of blood.
We rape your land,
We deny your past,
We destroy your future,
You are mother to us;
We praise you
As we deny you,
We idolize you,
As we forget,
We proclaim your beauty,
As we court foreign appeal,
Calmly you wait,
Quiet your strength,
Deep your resolve,
That someday
We, your children
Will take our inheritance,
And proudly proclaim your virtue,
As together in voice we call to you our mother,
Mexico! Mexico! Mexico!

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