Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blade of Resistance

By: Gus Victoria

In the fires of Truth hammered by Justice
The Blade of Resistance is ever forged new,
Tempered by Chaos,
Given strength by Law,
It is a weapon to destroy,
It is a force to create,
The Blade carried by heroes,
Sanctified by their blood
Spilled in struggle,
To make right the broken world,
To shed light where shadow dwells,
To vanquish evil in its home,
The Blade is heavy,
None may wield it alone,
Only the pure touch it long,
Madness is the price
The weak must pay,
Corruption poisons the soul
Of the Unjust,
The Blade destroys the Unworthy,
No armor protects from this wrath,
No lie is believed,
No crime unknown,
The Blade respects no positions,
It knows no rank,
The Blade of Resistance
Harbinger of Justice and Truth,
Herald of Hope
Where Peace and Love are remembered.

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