Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Dragon in a Glass Cage

By: Gus Victoria

There was a dragon once,
In a glass cage he waged war
Vicious and unforgiving,
All virtue he endangered
For he was a tempting beast,
Hard and hot blooded
Impervious to logic
He trampled vice as well,
The beast knew no master
And could not be tamed,
A libertine among libertines
Evil had no hold
Nor did good,
Blasphemer and heathen,
Penitent saint,
Joyful sinner,
He flew high above reason,
Made strong in paradox
Breathing fire on the righteous,
Leaving the humble alone,
No hero could approach the dragon,
No sage could find his lair,
All wise men invited him in,
All artists knew him by name,
The worlds he touched
Never could be the same.

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