Monday, November 18, 2013

Gem in an Iron Crown

By: Gus Victoria

She will never know the tears you have wept,
Save them for the one that has kept
The love in faith pure and true
The gem in an iron crown,
Angel in a flowing gown,

Waste not precious time on what never was to be
And enjoy that gift you refuse to see,
The hearts, with Cupid’s arrow, run through
Beat ever faster, always as one,
Captivating, as you try to run.

That other, now a shadow lost, left you alone
Taking the love you swore she did own,
You wandered, troubles not a few,
Until then another bright star
Blessed your path, healed the scar.

Undeserving of the first, second and third
Your worth spoken to you unheard,
Humility, pride once slew,
Broken man, broken dream,
Adrift in a hopeless stream.

Destroyed by an angel,
Healed by another,
Forgotten by self,
Found by faith.
Made whole in love.

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