Saturday, January 18, 2014

Demon Dream

By: Gus Victoria

The demon beckons in your sleep,
Highwayman of your dreams,
With a blade of infernal chaos
He slashes and cuts,
With grinning glee
The monster makes you bleed,
A cry in the dark
Hangs unheard,
There is no rescue at hand,
Only laughter in the wind,
Sinister it cuts
Ribbons of dread into your soul,
Morpheus cannot save
What Mephistopheles stole,
Speak the sacred names.
Hear the blasphemous response,
God unmoving on His throne,
Does not arrive
Where the demon was invited
And he was not,
Curse and spit heresies,
The demon smiles,
The demon thrusts
In maniacal bursts
He cuts you down,
And for your soul he thirsts,
For your flesh he hungers,
One by one,
Each shattered limb he restrains,
One by one,
Fiendish friends arrive,
You are feast for devils,
You are damned.
Damned to all hell,
The flames cook,
The heat suffocates,
And miraculously you wake.
Sweating and nervous
You are delivered,
Alone and scared
You are delivered,
But know then
When you sleep again,

The demon returns...

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