Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wandering Watcher

By: Gus Victoria

Wandering watcher,
Dissatisfied with life once,
You began to walk
And never stopped,

Through dark forested hills,
Over wind carved mountains,
In valleys and caves,
There you were most content,

A calmness bestowed
By Nature granted
As you observed
Life’s rhythms.

A purity of thought
Filtered through the sieve
Of rationality;
A mystic distillation.

You departed one day
From that sacred path,
To share, to show,
Seeking wisdom
With others to learn,
To grow.

Wandering watcher,
When you spoke
Of life and existence,
Of wonder and awe,
Of death and disease,
In that moment,
Did they listen?

Wandering watcher,
You found by observation
The deep depths
Penetrated by deeper reflection,

In humility you became great,
In love you sought to share,
In arrogance we failed to care.

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