Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chasing the Fairy #10

By: Gus Victoria

Is love hidden
If your eye cannot see,
For there she is,
Sight is a lie
That her warmth belies,
She is not cold to you
As your imagination insists,
As your words dictate.
She loves your smile
And your embrace,
Yet you wait,
For peace to come
Onto a battlefield
Of your own creation,
Your heart and mind belligerents,
Words and doubts soldiers,
Thoughts the ammunition,
She is the peacemaker
You chose to ignore,
Her love eases all
As your doubts fade,
A hot blade
Of truth and reason
Cuts through the curious treason
Of a heart hurt
And a mind disjointed.
She is a dream undreamt
For to see before
Is to not see at all.
Do not lose this gem,
You may live a king,
Or die a pauper
But tonight,
Just kiss her.

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